A Better IME Experience

From referral to report, with a fixed price you can count on.

We Provide


Our reports are clear, concise and accurate.

Permanency Rating

Is this the end of the road?


What CAN this person do?

Peer Review

We get the best docs talking.

Record Review

We are organizing experts.


We deliver customer service excellence.

Price Transparency

No hidden charges, no surprises. You see every line item, no bundled pricing here. The final cost will be exactly what we quoted you during scheduling.

Build Your Own Cover Letter

We don't use templates. Every cover letter is custom built, using our cover letter tool. If you have your own, you can upload it.

Clinical Oversight

Our clinical team reviews every report, providing a color coded map of your questions and the associated answer. Get to the facts quickly.

Quality Physicians

We hold our providers to the highest response time and writing standards. If you have a provider you really like, you can request them.

Services Structure

Our Promise
  • You Send The Referral
  • We Coordinate & Negotiate
  • The Price We Quote You Is Final
  • No Pricing Fluctuation
Our Quote Includes
Line Item Billing
  • Coordination Fee & Physician's Fee
  • Fast Scheduling & A Concise Report
  • Color Coded Question/Answer Legend
  • Medical Records Indexing Up To 200 Pages
  • Dictation & Transportation & Translation
  • Postage & Certified Mail
Add-On Services
A La Carte
  • Report Addendums
  • Medical Records Indexing > 200 Pages
  • No Show
  • Rescheduled Appointment

Make A Referral

We cut to the chase and give you a report that's easier to read, for a fixed price that will not change.  We have a rock solid network of providers in New England, and are expanding daily.


Logical IME, a separate division of Windham, initially performed all IMEs under the Windham. It has grown from carrier claims staff asking our nurse case managers from New England to Florida for assistance with obtaining a quality IME, record or peer review report.  Part of what makes our company different is that we have a large network of nurses which we rely on for vetting the physician’s who work with us.  We believe in quality over quantity; a different IME vendor may have a bigger network than us, but they certainly will not have a better network.

We pride ourselves on a more personal approach to the IME process.  We will spend more time speaking with the adjuster, the doctor, or the attorney to make sure the report you receive answers all the questions you require.
Specialists prefer to work with us because we sort ALL medical records received, not just some.   Why pay the specialist for culling duplicates & blank pages?

When you receive a report electronically from Logical IME, you will be able to quickly ensure that all the questions asked on your cover letter were answered.  With this feature, we set up bookmarks to the answers to your questions for faster review.  Just click on the bookmark for that question and you will see the answer immediately.  We supply a second copy of the report without the aforementioned functionality for your convenience.  We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, if you’re not happy, our job is not done.  We sincerely hope you give Logical IME a chance to work with you to meet your IME needs.


Jim Lovett

Vice President

    Brittany Soos

    Director of Operations

      Dawn Pearl

      IME Services Specialist

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